A willow by the stream,
Firmly planted yet bending in the wind.
Constant remembrance of thee,
Creator, Sustainer, Nurturer of all…

Subhan allah (Glory to God)
Al-hamidu lillah (Praise to God)
La illaha illhah (There is no God but God)
Allahu akbar… (God is Greater)

Feeling my Lord

I’ve been reading a lot of Rumi and Hafiz lately. These are two early Islamic mystical poets of great renown. Their work really transcends any one religion. They are the inspiration for the following poem:

The wind was blowing, causing trees to bend,

I could sense God’s presence.

As the sound of thunder roared in the background,

I imagined hearing His voice.

Suddenly a bolt of lightening split a huge boulder nearby.

I felt as if I had just witnessed one small iota of His power.

Then there was calm and I realized God was just flexing His muscles.