Solemn Thoughts on Mother’s Day

mothers II

I lost my mother at the age of 7. I remember that day clearly. My initial reaction was somewhat stoic, with no emotion. I didn’t cry until the funeral, and then only briefly.

As time proceeded, by the Grace of God, I was able to find comfort in the mothers of my closest friends and family. Reflecting on the memories, I think that perhaps they understood my loss as only another mother could.

When my dearest aunt Ella passed, I, a grown and accomplished man, could not stop the flow of tears…

Today, I am grateful for all the mothers who have ever given me something to eat, bandaged my wounds, wiped my runny nose, cleaned my ears, or given me a bosom to cry on. “Paradise is at the feet of Mothers!”

I remember you on this day and always…

Mothers and Paradise

Graceful Paradise Rose/Orchid Corsage

“And revere the wombs that bore you, for God is ever watchful over you.” (4:1)

On this day, I feel a certain sadness for all the mothers who have passed, but gave thanks to the children they have left behind.

It has been said that, “Paradise lies at the feet of mothers.” I truly believe this. Pregnancy is no easy task, but they endure it to bring us into this world. In the beginning they protect us from our fears, both unknown and apparent. They nurture our hurts. They help us to develop into the fine young men and women we are capable of becoming. On this day, I acknowledge you but love all of you, always! We would not be here if not for you.

Happy Mother’s Day!