Feeling it …

While perusing Pinterest the other day, I came across an interesting poster, which seemed to capture the state I was in.  The past few days have been both enduring and wonderful at the same time.

An old friend recently commented that I seemed to “move with a Zen-like quality” as I interacted with those who stepped before me during Kendo Keiko. I was simply trying to conserve energy while I was in the middle of my fast. I did not want to pass out due to the smothering temperatures at the gym where we practice, not to mention the heat generated within my armor and lack of fluid intake.

Some might say that this was a foolhardy effort on my part, but one does not practice a martial art for 30 plus years and then stop because of in climate weather conditions.

I have been in a good mood lately. I offer greetings to strangers. I smile at everyone. I truly believe that if we just clear our eyes, we will see that the world is a beautiful place. I feel the introspection. How can I explain the feeling?



When I can read a thought and experience uncontrollable tears of joy.



Mother’s Day in Jakarta…

A friend of mine in Jakarta, Indonesia is celebrating Mother’s Day today, December 22, 2012. Considering that it occurs in the month of May in America, we now have at least two times a year to acknowledge their importance. In reality, we should pay homage to them every day. One can never overemphasize the role they play in our lives.

The first time we experience bliss is in our Mother’s embrace.

They are our first link to God (SWT).

And should always in our hearts…