There is a concept that we strive to learn and make a part of us in Kendo. It is called hei jou shin. It translates roughly to mean “calm, peaceful mind.” In just about any situation, one has to try and keep his state of mind unchanged, the same, to be able to think clearly and make the right decision. This is a very simple concept, but it is a challenge to maintain such stability during a time of crisis.

In order to achieve this state you have to overcome what is known as the four poisons: fear, doubt, surprise and confusion! When you think about life, isn’t it the same things that we have to overcome?

The path to Hei-Jou-Shin (peaceful mind) takes you down the road of fear (odore), through the valley of doubt (utagai), across the mountain of surprise (odoroki), beyond the sea of confusion (osage)!

Kendo will get me there…

The Essence of Water

We have all heard notions about the essence or power of water. It is one of the five elements discussed throughout Asian philosophy, the others being wood, fire, metal and earth. It has the power to nourish a dry dessert and create life. Given time, it can erode a mountain. The sound of water can soothe a tormented soul.

As we endure the challenges that life puts before us, never give up hope. Try to be like water

Essence of Water Haiku

To be like Water,

Like Water I yield to Force.

Water does not lose…