The Shower…

Every morning I go through a ritual. First, I am thankful that I have lived to see yet another day. I compose my mind and begin my morning prayer. This can take between 15 minutes to one-half an hour, there are many people that I perform this supplication for, including myself. Then I go to the shower.

I thought about it one day that this is also a perfect time. You are as you came into the world, stripped of all adornment. All you have are the bruises and scars and the memories of times past and the hope for a better tomorrow. Washing yourself is a part of the purification process. I thought to myself, “This is a perfect time to pray!” Now I believe one should strive for purity of thought and body as you present yourself before God.

The following poem is that inspiration:

Imagine if you could shower all of your problems away.

You enter the shower only to emerge moments later with all your problems gone.

I keep trying but haven’t had much luck getting this to work…

Hopefully one day He will hear me…

2 responses to “The Shower…

  1. Hi, I am glad that you’re find the soothing time of the day. He must be listening to you all the time, and “a little bit more patience…” I heard.

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